And So We Begin…Again

January 3, 2015

If you have been following me for the last several years or reading my blogs or visiting my websites (my home site or my now retired blog, Shagtastic Voyage), I want to say thank you. If this is your first visit, welcome!

A couple of weeks ago, some malware was implanted onto my sit. Consequently, I had to purge and, basically, re-launch both my blog and main website. While I was at it, I got to thinking… Instead of restoring the whole kit and caboodle from a backup, why not use this opportunity to really re-launch? So, I have, partially out of necessity, removed every post, picture, file, etc. and decided not to restore the content but to start over completely from scratch. I figure why not, right? It’s a new year…Let’s do this!

So, if you are here for the first time or the 100th, thanks for stopping by. Please hang in there while I rebuild. As I do, though, be sure to stop by my Facebook Page, Twitter, or Instagram and check out what’s going on.

It’s going to be a fun process and a great year!

See you soon!