Finally (Almost) Settled

March 2, 2015

I remember a stint where my wife and I moved at least once a year. One year, we moved twice and the second time involved a state change (it was our first move to Atlanta). I don’t remember it being quite as draining as this move has been. Of course, we were sans child and, gulp, younger. While a small human tagalong (I mean, we had to let him come) did slow us a bit, it was mainly the godawful work schedule that (spanned two states) I had to maintain during the transition. I had a lot of fun, sure, just not a lot of sleep. I did, however, get to hang out with a lot of amazing musicians. I played some jazz with my good friend and mentor, Brett Smith (pianist + writer + leadership guru + entrepreneur). We played some standards for the amazing cats out at the G.W. Carver Museum. I was also blessed enough be asked to play for Wiregrass Church’s Walking Wisely Weekend. A two night, high energy, melt faces kind of show for a room full of teenagers. One of those weekends you leave stage feeling exhausted and pumped up all at the same time. It also helped that I was joining musicians like Jacob Patillo, Clint Singleton and Jesse Davidson.

Anytime I wasn’t on stage in Dothan, I was in Atlanta (Thank God for a Prius, that’s all I can say) working and meeting with production teams in local churches. Most of the back and forth is over now and we are settling in to our new home. We are, almost, unpacked.

It’s so great to be back in the Atlanta area and back in the world of freelance. Two things I have missed dearly over the last few years. As things calm down, I look forward to getting my writing routine in place and, hopefully, bringing The Carolina Stomp into the area for some shows!

It’s gonna be a great year! See you around!