InstaGroove in 7/8 – Interactive!

April 14, 2015

Today I pushed out a new video to my YouTube channel (it hit my Instagram, too, officially making it an #instagroove). I’ve done several of these short, improvised groove videos but this one is a little unique. It’s got me all giddy and stuff.

On instagram, you will see the 15 second clip of the longer (1:15) video from YouTube. It’s a little ditty in an odd time signature – you guessed it, 7/8 – that I played while I was setting up to write. It wouldn’t leave me alone. It just kept creeping between my fingers and bass strings. So, I laid it down and threw some drums on top of it. Then I got to thinking… If I put this out and make it available for people to add to and play along with, would anybody do it? If so, how awesome could someone – or a bunch of someones – make this sleepy little groove?

So I decided to do an experiment. A collaboration experiment. Not just to see if you guys would help but to see what we could create together.

I posted three versions of the InstaGroove in 7/8 track to a Soundcloud playlist. One is straight bass and drums, one is click (panned Left) and bass (panned Right), and one is click (panned Left) bass and drums (panned Right). They are all downloadable. My hope is that you guys will grab ahold of it, make it your own and pass it on for the next musician, singer, rapper, or whatever. The beauty of it is that anyone can jump in at any level and take it in a new direction! It can split into so many unique projects (and that’s before anyone starts manipulating the original file (looping, cutting, reversing, etc.). Put that in the mix and fughetaboutit.

So what do you say? Wanna be a part of it? Wanna see how this little one minute groove can grow and what it can become? I’d love to have you on board! Here’s what you do –

1) Download the track(s) from Soundcloud.

2) Put it in your preferred software and record your part to it.

3) Make that downloadable on Soundcloud and hashtag it #78InstaGroove

4) Put the audio to a video or image and upload it to YouTube with the #78InstaGroove hashtag

Something like this:


That’s it. Also, if you need a file a different way so you can use it, let me know and I will help, if I can.

I can’t wait to see what you guys will come up with!