What Hate Considers Might (A Poem)

June 14, 2016

What Hate Considers Might
(By Chris Hodges)
Guns don’t kill people
but people who shouldn’t have them do


I wish we were bullets of love
and we would all go “boom”


They want us to be afraid
but I’ll respectfully refuse


Fear is not a weapon
I’ll allow them to use


I’ll let them take my body
before I give them my mind


My soul is their weakness
because it’s love-lined


The Lord is my shepherd
He leads through the Valley of Hate


I’ll walk straight through
the blood they leave for me as bait


Love will win
if only on the other side


I will not give into hate
nor will I hide


I will not be distracted
by what I think is a right


But focus solely on the battle
most humans fight


Love is stronger
than what hate considers might


And our flames are brighter
than what hate considers light