InstaGroove in 7/8 – Interactive!

Today I pushed out a new video to my YouTube channel (it hit my Instagram, too, officially making it an #instagroove). I’ve done several of these short, improvised groove videos but this one is a little unique. It’s got me all giddy and stuff. On instagram, you will see the 15 second clip of the longer (1:15) […]

Now Offering…

I’m so happy to announce that I am now offering custom bass tracks! For a reasonable price, I can record isolated bass lines for any song and deliver those tracks via wav or aiff. Pricing is available on a per song (or project) basis and turnaround is quick (usually 1-3 days). Electric or Upright bass. Any […]

Finally (Almost) Settled

I remember a stint where my wife and I moved at least once a year. One year, we moved twice and the second time involved a state change (it was our first move to Atlanta). I don’t remember it being quite as draining as this move has been. Of course, we were sans child and, […]


One of my favorite things I did last year was post a couple quick grooves to my Instagram. I’m hoping to do a few more this year maybe even with some other players involved. Here’s both of the 2014 Instagrooves.   Here’s a little #instagroove for you. There’s a longer clip on my FB page […]

And So We Begin…Again

If you have been following me for the last several years or reading my blogs or visiting my websites (my home site or my now retired blog, Shagtastic Voyage), I want to say thank you. If this is your first visit, welcome! A couple of weeks ago, some malware was implanted onto my sit. Consequently, […]