Jun 142016

What Hate Considers Might (By Chris Hodges) Guns don’t kill people but people who shouldn’t have them do   I wish we were bullets of love and we would all go “boom”   They want us to be afraid but I’ll respectfully refuse   Fear is not a weapon I’ll allow them to use   I’ll […]

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Feb 222016

I posted this little video (taken directly with the Instagram app) of me making hot chocolate on the first really cold day of autumn. I had to kill the audio due to the rambunctious 6 year old playing in the background. After I posted it, I decided to put some music to it. I originally […]

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Aug 182015

Greetings! So a couple of months ago, Clint Singleton, Jacob Patillo and myself locked ourselves in a studio in Alabama and recorded six original songs. We arrived around 4 pm, setup our gear, worked out some audio kinks and started recording instruments and scratch vocals. We all crashed on site and started the vocal sessions not […]

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Jun 192015

It’s ridiculous the number of times that I have heard “sane” people say “I wish I would have had my gun on me” or “They better be glad I wasn’t packin’”when talking about a mild confrontation with someone. It’s also ridiculous the number of “sane” people I know that has actually pulled a gun on […]

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May 192015

  Garden lights cast a warm, yellowish tint on my book and me. The breeze causes my hair to tickle my cheek. I can’t see much through screen except some lights of the city off in the distance. This is probably my favorite room in the house. The floor is slanted like many add-ons to […]

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May 142015
Sunsets and Starlight on the Radio!

Hey everybody! I hope this quick little post finds you well. I also hope I can make the day even better for you 🙂 A little over a year ago, I wrote this little ditty called Sunsets and Starlight. It was inspired by a beautiful time-laps nature video. Even though its released version isn’t the most […]

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Apr 142015

Today I pushed out a new video to my YouTube channel (it hit my Instagram, too, officially making it an #instagroove). I’ve done several of these short, improvised groove videos but this one is a little unique. It’s got me all giddy and stuff. On instagram, you will see the 15 second clip of the longer (1:15) […]

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Mar 232015

I’m so happy to announce that I am now offering custom bass tracks! For a reasonable price, I can record isolated bass lines for any song and deliver those tracks via wav or aiff. Pricing is available on a per song (or project) basis and turnaround is quick (usually 1-3 days). Electric or Upright bass. Any […]

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Mar 022015

I remember a stint where my wife and I moved at least once a year. One year, we moved twice and the second time involved a state change (it was our first move to Atlanta). I don’t remember it being quite as draining as this move has been. Of course, we were sans child and, […]

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