Christopher Hodges (Bassist, Composer, Songwriter, Music Director) has a very clear life objective: To create music and musical experiences people will never forget.

As a bassist, Chris has captivated audiences with his skill and stage presence for over 20 years. Though proficient with several instruments, He feels most comfortable behind a bass (upright or electric). “I just connect to it. I feel like it’s the easiest way for me to be me onstage.” Chris has logged countless hours on stage and is no stranger to a studio either.

With his songs and compositions, he has busted through regional boundaries with international radio play. Chris has not only scored short films, written and co-written for projects like The Carolina Stomp and dipped his toes in theatre musicals, but has a growing repertoire of classical compositions and arrangements.

A love of Chris’ that many don’t know is for leadership. Where a lot of musicians turn to the classroom, Chris turns to leading and developing musicians in real world situations. Combining his musical knowledge with his keen awareness of emotional value, he leads musical moments in order to enhance the audience’s experience.

Chris uses music to move people emotionally and spiritually to a better place. He understands that, for live settings, It’s not just song selection and leading the band to play like a recording. It’s putting yourself in the music; It’s telling your story from the stage; It’s tailoring arrangements for a live setting and creating a flow; It’s removing the obstacles and giving people the chance to lose themselves in the music.


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