Jun 142016
What Hate Considers Might
(By Chris Hodges)
Guns don’t kill people
but people who shouldn’t have them do


I wish we were bullets of love
and we would all go “boom”


They want us to be afraid
but I’ll respectfully refuse


Fear is not a weapon
I’ll allow them to use


I’ll let them take my body
before I give them my mind


My soul is their weakness
because it’s love-lined


The Lord is my shepherd
He leads through the Valley of Hate


I’ll walk straight through
the blood they leave for me as bait


Love will win
if only on the other side


I will not give into hate
nor will I hide


I will not be distracted
by what I think is a right


But focus solely on the battle
most humans fight


Love is stronger
than what hate considers might


And our flames are brighter
than what hate considers light

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Feb 222016

I posted this little video (taken directly with the Instagram app) of me making hot chocolate on the first really cold day of autumn. I had to kill the audio due to the rambunctious 6 year old playing in the background. After I posted it, I decided to put some music to it. I originally […]

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Aug 182015

Greetings! So a couple of months ago, Clint Singleton, Jacob Patillo and myself locked ourselves in a studio in Alabama and recorded six original songs. We arrived around 4 pm, setup our gear, worked out some audio kinks and started recording instruments and scratch vocals. We all crashed on site and started the vocal sessions not […]

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Jun 192015

It’s ridiculous the number of times that I have heard “sane” people say “I wish I would have had my gun on me” or “They better be glad I wasn’t packin’”when talking about a mild confrontation with someone. It’s also ridiculous the number of “sane” people I know that has actually pulled a gun on […]

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May 192015

  Garden lights cast a warm, yellowish tint on my book and me. The breeze causes my hair to tickle my cheek. I can’t see much through screen except some lights of the city off in the distance. This is probably my favorite room in the house. The floor is slanted like many add-ons to […]

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May 142015
Sunsets and Starlight on the Radio!

Hey everybody! I hope this quick little post finds you well. I also hope I can make the day even better for you 🙂 A little over a year ago, I wrote this little ditty called Sunsets and Starlight. It was inspired by a beautiful time-laps nature video. Even though its released version isn’t the most […]

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Apr 142015

Today I pushed out a new video to my YouTube channel (it hit my Instagram, too, officially making it an #instagroove). I’ve done several of these short, improvised groove videos but this one is a little unique. It’s got me all giddy and stuff. On instagram, you will see the 15 second clip of the longer (1:15) […]

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Mar 232015

I’m so happy to announce that I am now offering custom bass tracks! For a reasonable price, I can record isolated bass lines for any song and deliver those tracks via wav or aiff. Pricing is available on a per song (or project) basis and turnaround is quick (usually 1-3 days). Electric or Upright bass. Any […]

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Mar 022015

I remember a stint where my wife and I moved at least once a year. One year, we moved twice and the second time involved a state change (it was our first move to Atlanta). I don’t remember it being quite as draining as this move has been. Of course, we were sans child and, […]

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Jan 122015

One of my favorite things I did last year was post a couple quick grooves to my Instagram. I’m hoping to do a few more this year maybe even with some other players involved. Here’s both of the 2014 Instagrooves.   Here’s a little #instagroove for you. There’s a longer clip on my FB page […]

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