Other Services

Over the last two decades, Chris found himself leading and building both prerecorded and live musical and creative experiences. Ranging from small music festivals (from conception to execution) to large houses of worship to private events like weddings and celebrations. In those years, he has learned a lot about leading creative people and producing top notch experiences for guests. Below are some of ways he can help you have a successful event or project.

Live and Session Bass

Needing upright or electric bass for your live event or recording project? Chris has been performing for over two decades and has experience with pretty much every popular style. Whether it’s jazz, funk, rock, hip hop, country, ska, reggae, or anything in between, he will make sure the bass line fits your project. If it’s a recording project, he can come to you or record it remotely eliminating scheduling conflicts and (potentially) costly studio time while delivering high quality files in a timely manner.

Live Event/Studio Music Direction

Whether you need a musical experience built from the ground up or just need someone to step in and help lead the team you have – no matter the style – Chris can handle it.

Ableton Live Consultation/Build

Are you in a band or at a house of worship and want to start/further your use of Ableton Live? Chris can help you choose a tier, work through building a template, figuring out routing and hardware, and implementing it into your setup. Or, he can build the session(s) for you so you can drag the songs into the correct order and get get on with playing.

Track Building/Audio Editing

Ever need your projects’ tracks rebuilt, or edited to fit a specific application? Chris has you coved there, too! Editing will be using Pro Tools unless otherwise requested.