The Carolina Stomp (and Our New Single!)

You know, sometimes you are lucky enough to find a friend who you just click with on a special level. Someone who pushes you in ways no one else does. Sometimes you get even luckier and get to make music with that person. For several years now, such has been the case with me. The result is a group called The Carolina Stomp (Facebook, Instagram).

Back in 2015, we released an EP (Apple Music, Spotify) and, over the last year or so, we’ve been back in the shed. Writing new songs, releasing one (These Hills), and working on a whole batch of others to release in the near future. We work together a lot but it’s kind of rare we get to sit in the same recording space together. After writing and recording These Hills remotely, We decided we needed to basically use that as a demo and take some time to both be in the same room at the same time working on the same song. So that’s what we did. The results, at least as I see it, were pretty great.

So here it is! Check out this lyric video and then swing over to any of these platforms and follow, add, buy, whatever you prefer. You can also help make creating more music a little easier with a small tip!

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